There are no staff costs and the charity is indebted to all the professionals and volunteers who give freely of their time. There is also free tea, coffee and a hot cooked lunch provided for all presenters and volunteers.

The following annual costs are incurred by the event:

Meals, Transport, Equipment (tabards, badges, site plans, etc) Administration (telephone, stationery and postage) Memorabilia for the children (t-shirts, pens, workbooks, carrier bags etc) Liability Insurance, Some venue costs (signage etc).

We are grateful to the Police & Crime Commissioner who provides funding  of up to 40% of the annual running costs , funds previously regularly provided as part of the strong support received from Shropshire Council, West Mercia Police and Shropshire Fire & Rescue. Crucial Crew continues to be indebted to; Rotary, local businesses, grant providers and all others who make charitable donations.  A more detailed breakdown of costs is available from the treasurer or fundraiser.


We are very grateful to Veolia who provide a goodie bag for every child attending Crucial Crew. We need sponsors to provide appropriate contents for each bag such as; pens, pencils, rulers, pencil sharpeners, erasers, key rings, notepads etc. If you are able to help in any way please contact a committee member or use the ‘contact us’ form on this site.

Sponsor us

We hope that you will wish to be associated with our next annual event. All contributions will be most welcome. You may wish to take advantage of a unique opportunity to sponsor the commemorative t-shirts that each child will receive.  Donations enable us to provide schools with workbooks which can later be used to reinforce the knowledge gained at Crucial Crew. For information about funding and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Trustee Fundraiser or use the ‘contact us’ form as before.

Gift Aid

Donations from individuals are most welcome at any time and Gift Aid may be used if appropriate.

Cheques should be made payable to “Shrewsbury & Oswestry Crucial Crew”

BACs details are available upon request.

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