Each year we invite schools to provide feedback on our event.  Here are a few examples:


I think it is one of the most important experiences we can offer children in Year 6 and I really appreciate the huge amount of effort you all have to put in to make it run so smoothly.


My favourite scenario was the drugs one because it was realistic and exciting. one thing I learnt was that drugs can be very bad for you.  I am sure I am now much safer and more aware.

I really enjoyed the fire house when I got left behind that was immense, it was so realistic.

I loved all of it because it was fun as well as us learning loads. I enjoyed meeting new friends and going round with them.

I really enjoyed the dog safety scenario and how to tell what a dog is saying by it’s body language. Dog safety can help me learn and teach my dog not to bite me.

And the farmer too. I loved seeing the little lambs and calves and learnt that different things that help crops grow can burn you and make you itch. I liked the farmer because he told us about food that he grew in England. Before Crucial Crew I thought that all boy and girl cows went for beef.

I have learnt a lot and would love to go back. It is also educational but we learnt in fun ways, so we will never forget what we learnt in all the scenarios. I liked the cyber bullying one because I never knew that the police could get involved.

The nurse with the red drinks was fascinating and I loved that one. I learned about CPR and DRAB in the first aid one which was extremely fun.  Without Crucial Crew I wouldn’t be aware of how many dangers there are in the world and that might help me save lives.

I’m thankful for the scenarios about bullying and cyber bullying because now if I do come across it I know exactly how to handle it.

I loved all your activities. My top three favourites were the drugs scenario, the smoke tent and the anti-social behaviour one.

I enjoyed the cyber bullying,  you should always tell someone if your getting bullied at all or the bully will get bigger.

I think Crucial Crew is a very good idea in raising awareness on the dangers of growing up. Understanding what alcohol and drugs can do to you. I think it is important as we need to know the affects. I couldn’t believe how many parts of the body could be affected by drinking alcohol.

“The most scariest part was when the cop came in”.

I didn’t know that much of your body could get affected by alcohol. I also liked how drugs and too much beer can effect different parts of the body, like your liver, brain and heart and then the drink at the end made it that much better.  (Soft drink – non alcoholic cocktail!)   I was also surprised that women drink more than men.

I go to the coast a lot so it was good for the coastguard to tell me the safety of the coast. You’ve made me more aware of myself after learning about unsociable behaviour. I enjoyed the lessons about trains, the seaside and electricity too.

We would like to say a big thank you to the chaperones who were an amazing team and also a big thank you to everyone who put everything together. I wish I could go again. This was one of the most memorable experiences of my school life. Please recommend Crucial Crew to the future year sixs, I know they’ll love it just like I did.

I have learnt a number of new life skills that will help me in serious situations. Crucial Crew is a fantastic way to teach young people like me about how to keep safe.

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